What makes us stand out from the many other software development providers on the market?

1.) Scope and Specification – always joint decision making with the client
Reliability, peerless quality and professionalism brand Neo Code’s services. Specializing in FileMaker and other areas of IT expertise, we are the company to deploy your next project, no matter how demanding. We construct solutions adapted to your requirements, to preserve and facilitate your hard work and ensure the highest ROI.

We make it a point to see that our clients are always actively involved in their solution’s design process. This is the right way to properly meet their varied and unique requests on budget and in a timely manner. From drafting and wireframing the solution to final live launch – we work with our clients through the entire development cycle; by doing so, we guarantee the solution provides the best results: in user-experience and usability, in performance and meeting all stated project goals.

2.) Research – scrupulous preliminary work guarantees viability and scope of the proposed solution
Here at Neo Code, it is imperative that we thoroughly understand our client’s needs and the problems they want to solve right from the start. This is why we do rigorous, preliminary research work before diving into actual implementation. Per the demands of scope, Neo Code conducts reviews of the project’s technical aspects and feasibility studies to ensure we are laser-focused, on target to proposing the right solution before actual coding begins. This proactively avoids costly surprises or hidden problems that may unexpectedly arise to negatively affect the viability of the project, both in cost and timing.

3.) Change Order Costs – in full consultation with the client
Staying within the allotted project budget as development progresses is a number one priority for Neo Code. From beginning to end, our goal is provide the greatest ROI while simultaneously staying alert to avoid any problem or issue that would incur surprise costs. However, when circumstances make it unavoidable to request more budget, Neo Code will fully consult with the client, strenuously, diligently work to mitigate new costs as much as possible and then get approved change orders before proceeding. Neo Code refuses to let your solution spiral out of control in terms of both costs and time and we will make sure you remain firmly in control of your investment.

4.) User adoption – minimize training costs, increase efficiency
What advantage is a software package that can crunch the most complex data sets if users find it painfully hard to use? This is why maximum success in user adoption of the solution is of utmost importance to Neo Code. We always work hard to design user-friendly, intuitive interfaces and provide all the tools needed to train those who will be using the application to achieve maximum efficiency with all of its features and functionalities. Neo Code will also consult with you to do anything else in order to facilitate the transition to your new application be as smooth as possible.

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