filemaker support

We provide ongoing assistance to clients who are looking to fix existing problems, add new features or refine their database.


 FileMaker Solution Assessment is an expert analysis of a solution by our team developers.

Assessment can be useful in:

  • Identifying corruption which can cause crashes and data loss
  • Identifying security and permission problems
  • Making a replacement cost assessment – when selling your business
  • Gathering information on the value of upgrading or rebuilding your FileMaker Solution
  • Identifying productivity improvements from upgrading FileMaker

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Do you need a customized, powerful database solution ? Do you want to manage your data over the internet at any time?

Streamline your business with custom solutions from FileMaker, one of the most flexible database development platforms for Windows and Mac. As a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, Neo Code can develop the right data solutions for your needs, with seamless web and SQL integration.

In addition, our enterprise standard data center running 24/7 can host your FileMaker databases, allowing your organization fast, secure access to your data from anywhere, at any time.

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For databases of 100 users or less with data sets of 100 GBS of data or less click here

For larger installs please call.

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Complimentary Initial Consultation and Estimate