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Custom Software Development

For even the most complex systems or demanding problems, Neo Code can provide affordable and powerful solutions, customized to your unique organizational requirements.

Years of experience developing rigorous software solutions for enterprise-scale clients to small businesses enable us to meet your needs with the best custom solutions.

Specializing in FileMaker, MySQL, JavaScript and PHP, our developers will design software that meets your budget and timeline requirements.

Neo Code has successfully delivered hundreds of custom software projects and gained the trust of its clients & partners. In our experience, the key ingredient to building trust is great communication. Great communication starts with transparency and great documentation.

Neo Code knows that impactful custom applications are built on a backbone of assessing ROI, planning, & measurement. We use interviews to understand how a business wants to improve. We use use-cases to maximize potential ROI. We use user-interface mock-ups (wireframes) & flowcharts to visualize how things will work. We use test cases verify that delivered software is working as intended. We use data analytics to measure the benefit of critical features & processes.

Neo Code only does the work that the client agreed to. Each unit of work is defined via items in a work-order, wireframe, or other planning documents. If it is not documented, it is not planned. If it is not planned, new work-orders and documents are required.

FileMaker Developers in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto