Excel Spreadsheets To Mobile Apps

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Excel Spreadsheet to Mobile Apps

Why Neo Code?

Convert Excel to Mobile App

We are able to turn any of excel calculations in your business into mobile apps. These can be simple calculators or complex offer calculations that you have done with Excel. The logic from the Excel file remains in the app and can be extended with additional functions.

Database vs Spreadsheet

Spreadsheets and Databases are apparently identical, while, in reality, they aren't. Both can contain a large amount of tabular data and can use existing data to make calculations. Databases house a lot of different types of data that all have some relationship to the other data in the database.

Neo Code works so you can rest

Our experience has shown us that not only start up business but also long-established business are struggling with today’s technology. Let us do the work so you can rest

Excel to FileMaker Pro

We, with years of experience and FileMaker Pro skills, from creating tables and managing fields to designing layouts can convert your data into FileMaker Pro App. App that will show you how to find and sort data, create reports, import and export data and much more.

Convert Excel to iOS App

Although Excel has apps that can run on a device, there are two basic problems with just running the spreadsheet as is on the cloud: It doesn’t look like an app or function like an app and How do multiple people work with the same data? We can get your excel spreadsheet turned into a Native iPhone, iPad app.

Best Spreadsheet App for iPad

We can create an app that will treat your spreadsheets like a shared database in the cloud. The app is the user interface and hopefully a more natural mobile-friendly user interface that just a grid of cells.

Neo Code - Charts on iPhone

Create Apps from Excel Spreadsheets

"Creating mobile apps from Excel spreadsheets is an easy task for us, FileMaker Developer Experts. We have all the skills and expertise to create your expected mobile app and even more."
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Barroque Bien
Business Analyst

"Great app and design like never before."

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