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Neocode Software has developed a custom-built iOS application available in the App Store, called RFID+.


The RFID+ App has been built to interact with special piece of hardware that can retrieve data encoded on RFID tags. It connects to an iOS device ( iPhone, iPad ) and is called the Arete POP

Filemaker Go solutions can scan information stored on Radio Frequency Identification Tags ( RFID ) into a local FileMaker Go database or into a hosted FileMaker file accessed remotely through FileMaker Server.

Includes links to a FileMaker demo file and the App Store to get the RFID+ App, which will show on your device as the following icon:

To get the app directly from the App Store, use this link:
RFID+ by Neo Code Software Ltd.

Arete pop dongle
FileMaker Go icon
RFID Notes

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