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fmSchedule Loader   

The Database for your FMS schedules.
One click solution to Parse, Store and Process all FMS schedules configurations.

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fmSchedule Loader – An exciting one click app to parse, load and process all FileMaker Server (FMS) schedules settings and configuration data.fmSchedule Loader is compatible to run with FileMaker Pro version 18 and above on Windows and Mac OS. The best part is, you don’t need to worry about installing any additional plugins to run the app.

Everything on One Click:

fmSchedule Loader is a handy tool that can parse, load and process all FileMaker Server (FMS) schedule settings and configuration data on one click. It is compatible with FileMaker Pro version 18 and above on Windows and Mac OS. No additional plugin needs to be installed.

Designed with simple workflow with high flexibility and accuracy, fmSchedule Loader is extremely helpful for any user who manages FileMaker server on Windows or Mac OS; it loads and parses your FileMaker Server schedule setting data and saves them to dbs_config.xml file.

How it Works:

Have you come across a situation where your FMS schedules data got lost due to the corruption of schedule settings dbs_config.xml file, and there was no way to go back and restore your previous FMS side schedule setup?

With fmSchedule Loader, this problem will never happen.

·       Take your backed-up schedule setting (dbs_config.xml) file, insert it into fmSchedule Loader.

·       On one click, fmSchedule Loader parses your schedule setting data from the inserted file, and imports it into a well-managed database.

·       Review and access the parsed settings.

Click here to download the FileMaker demo file (schedule_parser.fmp12). To get the app directly from the FileMaker Marketplace, please use this link: FMS Schedule Explorer Essentials by Neo Code Software Ltd.


To learn more, please download the user manual from this link:
FMS Schedule Explorer Essentials User Manual


Running fmSchedule Loader on Local FileMaker Server:
The best way to utilize fmSchedule Loader is to execute it locally on your FileMaker Server(s). You can download fmSchedule Loader app on each of your local FileMaker Servers and by doing so, all your previous FMS settings will be parsed to all your local FileMaker Servers. fmSchedule Loader makes it extremely easy to locate the schedule setting file, load and process all FMS schedule setting data to your local server. 

What’s new:
We are constantly working towards providing better experience to our users, it keeps us motivated in releasing an upgraded version of fmSchedule Loader. The soon to be released new version will allow users to export the selected schedules to a completely new schedule setting (dbs_config.xml) file, which later can be used to restore all previous FMS schedules onto the new FileMaker Server.

Note: FMS Schedule Explorer Essentials is currently not supported to work on FileMaker Go and FileMaker Cloud environment.

Watch this short demo tutorial covering all the exciting features: