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Make Technology Work For You

We welcome your feedback on digital technology adoption. Our study will uncover barriers for healthcare providers and identify pathways to success. Your contribution will go a long way to adding value to the industry and we appreciate your support. Read below for more background on why we are doing this.

Have Your Say

By contributing to this study you’ll be helping to build the tools necessary for healthcare practitioners like you to find and adopt the right technologies enabling them to improve their performance.

What We Know For Sure

  • The adoption of appropriate digital technologies has the potential to significantly improve productivity. This is true across sectors.
  • When technology fails to meet the needs of users and is not fully adopted it can be more burdensome than helpful and actually lower productivity.
  • It is only by thoroughly understanding the needs and challenges of the users that true solutions can be built.

This exciting research study examines the barriers to digital technology adoption in healthcare teams. We’re looking for perspectives from healthcare practitioners – those in the front lines who have technology that they currently use.

Only you can tell us what is and isn’t working for you.

Providence Health Care

“Working with Neo Code has been an excellent experience. They make helpful suggestions regarding usability, are very responsive, and make sure that they do everything they can to develop an excellent product for the end user.”

Our Research Team

"Sarah is a professional project manager and researcher with strengths in communication, strategic thinking and issues management. With a decade of experience at Canada’s largest think tank, she has worked for a diverse group of clients and partners. With a proven track record of conducting complex projects, research, and analysis, Sarah translates complex issues into straightforward, evidence based recommendations."

"Josh has been helping teams in financial services, healthcare and mining successfully adopt technology. Clients include Providence Health Care, PHSA and Vancouver Coastal Health."

Make Technology Work For You

This research depends on your contributions, we know that as healthcare providers your time is valuable and your energies are devoted to providing the best care possible for your patients. This research will be used to provide you with the practical business case tools essential to meet your needs.

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