Customized data distribution solutions for RBC

The deployment of dashboards for client transaction data: this was the task from Royal Bank of Canada for Neo Code Software. As a multinational bank with locations around the world, this meant an enormous amount of data to handle, in addition, building in cost efficiency and time savings were essential. Neo Code was ready to develop a powerful solution. The request was to merge data from an MS SQL server into the central FileMaker system, then automatically distribute it to remote servers in Toronto, London and Singapore, allowing 1500 desktop users across North America, Europe and Asia to use the data. After being convinced of the productivity of Filemaker, access to the system for multiple iPad users was needed. Encryption standards called for two factor authentication, but for some specific reasons, RBC did not want VPN, so a custom two factor authentication system was designed and developed. Additionally, because FileMaker does not offer certain native security features, Neo Code was challenged to integrate custom account failure logging and brute force account lockout protocols to further enhance the FileMaker system with an extra level of security. Also, a scripted system to perform the nightly import of millions of records from the MS SQL data source to the Filemaker solution was developed with built-in redundancy and error-checking features. Following the import, the FileMaker files are programmatically distributed from one Filemaker server to several other Filemaker servers, so users connect seamlessly to a single, unified dataset. After overcoming numerous technical challenges unique to an enterprise corporate system such as the Royal Bank, Neo Code deployed the made-to-order solution RBC required. It turned out to be far more cost effective than other solutions they had evaluated. Based on that success, RBC continues to be an active,  premier client of Neo Code Software.
“Neo Code has met and exceeded our targets and expectations for the secure and efficient FileMaker based platform we were looking for. We are pleased that we chose the professionals at Neo Code to develop this solution.” – Royal Bank of Canada

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