Mitigating Risk

Whatever your goals and however you collect information, we can help improve and modify your current use of Microsoft Excel, to mitigate risk and make sure you’re working in the most efficient way possible.

Or, if you’ve reached the limits of Excel and it’s time to move on, we can help you take the next step and seamlessly migrate to the more powerful FileMaker, ensuring your processes become more streamlined across the entire business.

We want one thing: to see our clients happy and working in the most efficient way possible, preserving and facilitating your hard work and ensuring the highest ROI.


We ensure our clients are actively involved in the solution design process, whether that’s enhancing your use of Excel or migrating to FileMaker, so we design a solution that works for every team.

Technical know-how

No business is the same. We review the technical aspects of your upcoming project to understand the demands you may face and help you find an efficient, effective solution that will best serve you, long before any coding begins.

Future proof your work

We are passionate about data and conduct research and conversations to understand not only your current goals, but where you see your business in the future, and how your data serves this objective.


In order to hit the ground running, all teams working with spreadsheets should be confident in either using Excel in the most efficient way possible, or ready to get hands-on with FileMaker. We show you how.
  • Looking for the best solution? Whether you want to stay as you are and improve your current system, or migrate to something better, we can support you
  • Outgrown Excel? We can help with you seamlessly migrate from Microsoft Excel to the more powerful FileMaker, ensuring your processes are more streamlined
  • Need Excel Development? We can improve and modify your current use of Excel as well as develop better Excel processes
  • Need help? Our team of professional and certified FileMaker consultants will work with you closely to find out your needs and long-term goals to tailor a complete solution for your business

Before you decide, remember that Excel has many benefits but also certain limitations to be aware of. Find out some of the major risks and limitations of using Excel.


At Neo Code, we love Microsoft Excel and all the benefits it can bring to an organization’s processes. However, there are clear risks and limitations of Excel with certain functions. Ultimately, it’s about working in the most efficient way possible and getting the best result for your business, so we’ll help you navigate this process and find what works for you.

We work with clients of all sizes and hear much of the same feedback when it comes to the limitations of Microsoft Excel, these include…

The Problems with Excel:

  • Rigid technology – the inability to adapt and change to meet the needs of an evolving business
  • Isolated data – the difficulty in accessing data which has historically been siloed from the rest of the business
  • Frustrated teams – if users across different areas of the business cannot consolidate their work, or need permission to access lists, it leads to frustrated teams and a reluctance to adopt any shared system
  • Errors – through inevitable human error, file errors and corruptions can occur and have a severe knock-on effect across other data
  • Wasting time – for those on the frontlines of Excel, too much time is spent on mundane, repetitive tasks when time and focus could be better placed elsewhere
  • Slow speed – large data sets are often slow to load
  • Spreadsheet limits – there is a one million row limit and users often don’t have enough fields for a comprehensive set of data
  • External linking – spreadsheets typically hyperlink to documents and photos, which may not be accessible without being on an internal server, or without a working internet connection
  • Lack of integration – while spreadsheets can be a serviceable standalone data source, they’re not designed to be integrated for other business functions, such as accounting and e-commerce
  • Not brand friendly – spreadsheets are difficult to rebrand and make visually engaging and professional for presentations

If any of these problems with spreadsheets sound familiar, we can help with your Excel development, refine your current processes and offer a better result. Contact us to find out how we can help.

If you feel you’ve reached the limit of what Excel can offer, as certified FileMaker developers, we can help you seamlessly migrate to this better and more powerful system to make your processes more streamlined, efficient and user-friendly across the whole business.

The Benefits of FileMaker

  • Flexibility – you can future proof how you store and share your data across the business, with the option of accessing information securely online and via your custom app
  • Shared, secure data – in addition to being user-friendly, changes and updates are permitted for authorised users and can be tracked across the business. Backups are also available for safe data recovery
  • Happy teams – with an emphasis on collaboration, multiple teams and departments can work together and share data
  • Eradicating errors – by working from a centralised, customisable hub and not relying on formulas, there is significantly less chance of error
  • Time well spent – with quick and easy steps to import, export and update information, users have more time to focus on big picture objectives
  • Speed – using a more powerful system, customised for the demands and size of your business, all data can be accessed quickly
  • No limits – with a potentially limitless store of data, you will accommodate the future demands of a growing business network
  • Under one roof – rather than externally hyperlinking to documents and photos, everything is visually displayed and housed on a single page of data
  • Easy integration – information can be easily integrated across other business actions, such as accounting and e-commerce reports
  • Brand savvy – with the option to add photos, documents and other relevant media under the same data entry, and fully customise the presentation of your data, it’s easy to create something ready-made for reporting
  • At Neo Code, we are professional and certified FileMaker developers, so we can provide you with a robust, reliable and powerful solution tailored to your specific needs

Contact us to discuss your Excel requirements and how we can help you.