Why Neo Code?

Excel for you

As professional developers and experts in Excel, we know the standard functions don’t suit everyone. We can improve your current system for using Excel and develop better processes, based on your business, upcoming projects and long-term goals.

Mitigate risk

By developing a better Excel process or automating your favourite practices, you can avoid inevitable human error, as well as file errors and corruption which can negatively impact other data.

Automate processes, save time

We create programming codes that will automate and simplify how your data and formulas are calculated. This means the hard work and often long processes completing the same repetitive tasks will be done for you, leaving you time to focus elsewhere.

Big picture objectives

Smaller jobs make up big targets, but big targets are what really matter. With your team freed up from time consuming tasks in Excel, you can get back to working towards bigger objectives and business targets.


If different Excel users have conflicting ways of working, different processes or need permission to access lists, it leads to frustrated teams. A single system and process is the best way to have your entire organization working together.

Outgrown Excel?

If you feel you’ve gained everything you can from Excel, we can help with the seamless migration from Excel to FileMaker. As certified FileMaker consultants, we examine your business needs and offer a unique solution which is flexible, secure, automated and easily integrated with other business functions. Frankly, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Are you having problems with Excel?

We can help.

At Neo Code, we love Microsoft Excel and all its benefits. However, there are clear limitations and risks with certain functions, and we can help you overcome these problems.

Excel is a program that nearly everyone uses, from internal staff to current clients and future business prospects. In any organization, working effectively means finding solutions to make time consuming tasks more efficient, giving your team the opportunity to focus on big objectives.

How can we help:

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