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New to coding? New to the FileMaker platform?
We can get you started with specialized training courses.
Our development team has decades of experience creating stable and useful business solutions with FileMaker. We can get you creating custom apps, and provide expertise in making sure your file is bulletproof.

Discover the expertise to elevate your FileMaker proficiency with our personalized mentoring services. Dive into FREE FileMaker coaching sessions tailored to empower your journey with this adaptable platform.

Don’t miss out on upcoming sessions in 2024, where you’ll gain invaluable insights into: 

  • FileMaker 101 Workshop
  • How to Leverage FileMaker 2023
  • FileMaker 101- Claris Studio Spotlight
  • Learn how To optimize Spreadsheets
  • Optimizing and Scaling with the Latest FileMaker versions

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Neo Code offers FileMaker courses throughout the year. Intake and course dates are based on interest. We’ve got options for FileMaker newbies all the way up those looking to take the FileMaker Certification exam.
This year, we’ve planning:

Email [email protected] for rates and availability.

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FileMaker Pro Advanced Training

This class is for people with basic FileMaker skills looking to take their development techniques to the next level. If you already know how to set up a FileMaker file, understand how databases work, and have some table occurrence graph, FileMaker scripting and calculation engine knowledge, this course is for you. Neo Code developers will get into the nitty-gritty details.

What you’ll need: A copy of FileMaker Pro 19. Neo Code can provide you one at 5% of the regular cost if you don’t have one available.

Email [email protected] for rates, registration, and 2021 course dates.

Introduction to FileMaker Custom Apps

Never worked with or used FileMaker before?

No problem! This seven-hour crash-course is limited to four participants so we can delve into FileMaker basics and the world of custom apps.

In the morning, we get into FileMaker’s development resources.

In the afternoon, we review custom applications, how FileMaker’s built-in tools reduce development time and cost, and the pros and cons of working with a professional FileMaker developer.

Who can benefit from this FileMaker course?
This course isn’t just for developers: if you’re a business owner or employee looking for a solution, we’ll show you what FileMaker can do, and how you can use it for your business needs, whether it’s an invoicing system, sales management tool, or something else entirely.

Email [email protected] for rates, registration, and 2021 course dates.

Neo Code - Course Syllabus

FileMaker by the Book — Exam Prep with Experts

Think of this five day course as the ultimate study buddy. Work with the Neo Code team to thoroughly review the FileMaker Certification Study Guide.

This comprehensive workshop is designed for people familiar with FileMaker Pro 19 who are planning to write the FileMaker Certification exam. Technical specs, database schema, layouts, calculations, writing scripts, securing FileMaker systems, deploying custom apps and data integration — we’ll get into the weeds of what you need to know before your test.

Email [email protected] for rates and availability.


Bulletproof Filemaker: Secure, Stable and Scalable

This course is specifically for fellow FileMaker developers working on mission-critical applications.

We’ll share our professional secrets and best practices — gained from decades of experience — so that you can ensure your FileMaker custom app has a long, healthy, and corruption free life. We start with real-world pitfalls and get into how they can be avoided.

Then, we’ll get into: restoring files, checking server logs, Windows settings, corruption, OS error logs, and FileMaker server settings.

Learning from other people’s mistakes is a great way to avoid making them. This one day class is limited to four students who are experienced using FileMaker.

Email [email protected] for rates and availability.
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Roundtable for Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs

Join FileMaker innovative FileMaker developers, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs in a monthly discussion group to get your creativity flowing about technology and business solutions. Make connections with people outside your usual network, learn how to grow your FileMaker solution, and come up with new ideas. Every month we showcase a FileMaker custom application, and then have a discussion about successes and challenges with the FileMaker platform.

The roundtable meets the first Thursday of each month for about four hours.

Email [email protected] for rates, and to join in.

Registration Policies

Breaks: All full day classes are 7 hours long with 2 x 15 breaks and 1x 60 minute lunch break.

Payment: Prepayment is required for all FileMaker classes.

Refunds: Our cancellation policy requires 14 days before the class date to get a full refund. After that a 50% refund is available. If 48 hours or less notice it our policy not to provide refunds.

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