We provide ongoing assistance to clients who are looking to fix existing problems, add new features or refine their database.

A FileMaker Solution Assessment is an expert analysis of a solution by our team developers.

Assessment can be useful in:

  • Identifying corruption which can cause crashes and data loss
  • Identifying security and permission problems
  • Making a replacement cost assessment – when selling your business
  • Gathering information on the value of upgrading or rebuilding your FileMaker Solution
  • Identifying productivity improvements from upgrading FileMaker

Our Process:

  • Initial consultation, get files and passwords, and goals
  • Analyze file health with tools listed below
  • Review code quality via checklist listed below
  • Review FileMaker licensing
  • Write report and recommendations
  • Meet with client to review report

FileMaker health checking tools we use:

  • FMDiff
  • Inspector
  • Base Elements
  • FMPerception

Code quality checklist:

  • System security best practices
  • FileMaker Server best practices
  • UI / UX best practices
  • Schema and table occurrence graph best practices
  • Programming best practices

FileMaker licensing review:

  • Count of Pro, Go and Web users
  • Count of employees
  • Create licensing scenarios for Site, User and Connections

To request a FileMaker Solution Checkup, connect with us below.

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