What is SpeedStep? SpeedStep is NeoCode’s simplified roadmap for helping your team build the app you need!


For more information on the Rough Order of Magniture series of best practices join us at one of our 15-30 minute, free no-obligation information webinars. We’d love to see you there!

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FileMaker at PHSA – What is FileMaker and how does it fit at PHSA? What about privacy, security, and funding? This 15-minute information session will bring you up to speed. Includes a Q & A Session with a business analyst. Sign up for a webinar session that fits your schedule.
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Zero-60 FileMaker & Neo Code Introduction – This two-session series will introduce new users to Neo Code and FileMaker. If you are still using spreadsheets or MS Access to run your clinical team you will want to sit in on this informative session. Discover the power of Filemaker and what it can do for your team by attending these 20/30-minute webinar. Session 1: FileMaker basics for business; Session 2: Demos of FM functionality.

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Introduction to Business Case Workshops – Every successful request starts with a business case. This short webinar introduces our healthcare team specific business case workbooks. You will review the facilitator’s and team workbooks so you can run your own workshop or engage with one of our business analysts to make the best use of your time!
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Overview and Introduction to Order of Magnitude Estimating – This session will introduce the Order of Magnitude workshop. The Order of Magnitude workshop and tool helps your team answer the questions “How much will this cost?” “How long will it take?” before committing to a project. This allows your team to look before you leap!


Rough Order Magnitude Workshops are a standardized approach to Application development. From Business Case to Cost Estimating; from an Application Plan to the Application Build – Neo Code has a step by step process.

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Business Case Workshop – Our Speedstep workshop will guide your team through the steps of a solid business case and deliver a concise request. We’ll cover the core topics of problem identification, impact statements, proposed solution, benefits realization and value returned. Using workbooks and a guided approach every team member will have a chance to contribute without the pressure to create a finished document. Your NeoCode facilitator will deliver a finished Business Case to your Team leader. Business Case workshops including team workbooks, facilitator and final Business Case document starts at $495.
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Rough Order of Magnitude Workshop – The Order of Magnitude workshop helps your team answer the questions, “How much will this cost?”, “How long will it take?” before committing to a project. The goal of the ROOM is to provide a ‘ballpark’ estimate for an Application before doing a detailed analysis. This flight of 2-3 workshops will involve your team in creating a meaningful inventory of what your application will do and how you will use it. Conducted by a Neo Code Systems Analyst and / or Business Analyst. Starts $1100.

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Application Plan – Requirements, Features and Specification – The Application Plan is a blueprint that details the requirements and specifications needed to build your custom application solution. Facilitated by a NeoCode Business Analyst this comprehensive engagement will involve your team and deliver a Requirements document, a Detailed Build Estimate and a project lifecycle plan.
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Application Build – This is where the rubber meets the road. Working with your project lead our full team of analysts, developers, and network experts will build, test and train you on your new application. As every application is different the Detailed estimate of how much your solution will cost to build is determined by the Application plan.
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Sustainment & Education – Sustainment & Education focuses on supporting your application. If you have an ‘in-house nerd’ we can mentor them in the basics of maintaining and tweaking your application. If you prefer a full-service approach we can create a plan that fits your needs. As technology evolves Neo Code can help your team take advantage of all of the opportunities to work smarter and deliver great patient outcomes!


All of our consultive engagements come with a Satisfaction Guarantee. At Neo Code we are proud of our teams of experienced project staff. From Analysts to Project Managers, Developers, Designers and Quality Assurance Neo Code is dedicated to recruiting the best talent. Every member of our team is not only experienced, but is also personally focused on providing the best service possible to our customers working tirelessly to deliver great product. Our dedicated team is with you every step of the way – available whenever and wherever you need us.


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Neo Code is the proud sponsor of the 2017 Digital Technology Adoption for BC’s Health system: Pathways to Success report on barriers and pathways to success in BC’s healthcare system. Request your copy today.

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