Elevate Your Development Team’s Upgrade Efforts

Is your development team encountering challenges in prioritizing a FileMaker app upgrade? Look no further – Neo Code is poised to furnish you with a success-oriented strategy and be your guiding partner throughout the upgrade expedition.

Maintenance endeavors, such as a FileMaker upgrade, might not initially feel pressing until they manifest as urgent. While upgrades might not yield immediately visible outcomes for your users, they constitute a pivotal element of a robust app. Our Upgrade Sprint service empowers your development team to create a resilient, enduring app.

If your developers are expressing sentiments like:

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    Your team will discover practical methods for upgrading your FileMaker app with guidance from our skilled developers. Our goal is for your team to eventually manage your app’s well-being on your own, without relying on external help. We’ll teach you how to smoothly incorporate regular upgrades into your development process over time, setting you up for success down the road.


    Sometimes, even if your team knows how to do upgrades, they might not have enough time. This often happens because the way they work needs a little adjustment for the long term. Upgrades don’t have to be big projects that happen only every few years. We’ll show you how to make upgrades a natural part of your ongoing app development, and we’re here to help.


    If your company doesn’t have its own team of developers, this service isn’t the right fit. If you’re looking to completely hand over the upgrade and maintenance work for your FileMaker app, we have a different process for that. Check out our full-service FileMaker Upgrade. Also, if your company plans to stop using your FileMaker app in the next year or two, remember that upgrades take time and money, so this might not be the best option for you.

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