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FileMaker Server Install Tuning

Note – this for databases of 100 users or less with data sets of 100 GBS of data or less. For larger installs please call.

Tuning opinions:

Pre Install
– use a windows vm on an ssd
– keep installers in the downloads folder
– use assisted install filled out
– install FileMaker Pro for testing
– install Chrome for testing web direct and using for admin console
– create Assisted Install.txt:

Install Server

Configure Server
– enable Access logs
– create 365 daily backup schedule
– create 24 hourly backup schedule
– screenshot settings
– install Cobian Backup or similar for Preferences
– backup FileMaker Server Data Preferences folder – to replace when it gets corrupted
– stop FileMaker Server and copy and zip FileMaker Server folder – to replace when it gets corrupted
– install QBackup or Backblaze for cloud backups

Multi Server Disaster Recovery
– monitor with Neo Code Webdchecker
– monitor with Status Cake
– install second server as above
– install Bitvise SSHD on both servers
– schedule copy of backup files to backup server backup file folder

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