filemaker by the book course

Expand your skill set and become a more well-rounded developer with this 5 day comprehensive class



This 5 day comprehensive class covers all the material in the FileMaker Certification Study Guide.   It is an intense program for those familiar with FileMaker Pro. Upon completion, students will be comfortable using the best rapid application development platform.


Paul Nelson

  • Certified FileMaker Pro Developer (FM11-16)
  • Areas of Research: audit, integrations & performance.
  • [email protected]


Each full day course has a total of 6 hours of instruction.  The day is scheduled as follows:

  • 09:00 PST – Training Block 1
  • 10:45 PST – Break 1
  • 11:00 PST – Training Block 2
  • 13:00 PST – Break 2
  • 13:30 PST – Training Block 3
  • 15:15 PST – Break 3
  • 15:30 PST – Q&A
  • 16:00 PST – Class ends


Attendees should have basic control of computers, web browsers, software applications, and Apple iOS devices (iPad/iPhone)

System Requirements


  • Mac OSx Desktop or Windows PC (see specifications)
  • Web Camera
  • Headset or Headphone with microphone
    • Note: hands-free & built-in microphones are not suitable – please dial in instead
  • Minimum Monitor Resolution of 1600×900 (multiple monitors highly recommended)


  • FileMaker Pro Advanced 16 (installed)
  • meeting software (installed)

Course Objectives

Day 1 – Schema & Calculations

The foundation for every FileMaker custom application is the data. Thus, on day one, Students work with FileMaker’s database schema and calculations. After importing data, they create a functional data-set by build relationships and calculations. By end of day, students will have a strong understanding of Filemaker’s concept of ‘Data Context’.

Day 2 – Layouts & Value Lists

Students manipulate FileMaker user-interface elements to display the data created on Day 1.  They begin by creating a dynamic ‘contact list’ that doubles as a printable report.  They then build a ‘contact detail’ screen, complete with everything needed for a modern user experience.   On completion, students understand of how to manage FileMaker’s layout ‘themes’.

Day 3 – Scripts & Custom Functions

Students complete their custom application by adding buttons and script triggers to the layouts created on Day 2.  They learn best practices for creating scripts, button, and triggers. The use important strategies for creating a scalable, secure, supportable application. By day end, students will understand the different ‘scopes’ of FileMaker variables.

Day 4 – Securely Sharing Your App

Your custom FileMaker application is ready to share with the world… or is it?  Students use FileMaker’s many security features to safeguard their data. Special attention is paid to security settings that can slow application performance. Once secured, students upload to FileMaker Server and configure server settings. Finally, students will learn to prevent data corruption through proper file management procedures.

Day 5 – Special Tools and Considerations

This section reviews design considerations required for deploying an application to: FileMaker Go and FileMaker WebDirect.  Students will also be shown how to use plugins and other 3rd party development tools.

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