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The Forrester Wave™: Low-Code Platforms for Business Developers, Q2 2019

For over thirty years, FileMaker has been renowned worldwide for its innovative and efficient qualities- Although until now FileMaker’s potential was not wholly utilized. Earlier last year, a leading independent research firm, The Forrester Group, conducted an exhaustive review of some of the most well-known names in the No Code Workplace Innovation Industry- From FileMaker to Caspio, Appsheet to Quick Base. All 12 of the companies were chosen for review due to their outstanding performance in the past as well as their continued success in the future. Out of these, FileMaker was consistently ranked the highest of them. The criteria for inclusion in the Wave Report as produced by Forrester were as follows:

  1. Enabling Business people to produce innovative toolkits independently
  2. Producing comprehensive solutions to a wide variety of issues
  3. Possessing free or low-cost licensing for small, medium and Fortune 500 businesses

FileMaker was named the most competitive out the 12 companies listed- and attained the highest possible score according to Forrester in “database development, reporting, application, change management, security and identity management, and content.”

 “The vendor also provides many features to help AD&D pros support and participate in software projects. These strengths reflect a mature product with a massive customer base and an effective strategy.”

For these reasons it is apparent why Forrester has placed FileMaker in the top quadrant. Over 50,000 companies have FileMaker as part of their business toolkit- and more are adopting it every day.

“In almost every segment of business, education and government, millions of our delighted customers use FileMaker to organize projects, people, assets and more.”

The Report highlights the value of Low Code Platforms, (Workplace Innovation Platform) – as being especially useful in developing possibilities off the shelf software is unable to provide, whilst still being quick and speedy only taking days and weeks to develop. Low Code Platforms such as FileMaker provide all the necessary components for businesses in every sector and of any size- as well as continuously changing to meet the ever-evolving demands of the industry allowing it to always be on the proverbial front seat.

We love apps, we love data and we love Excel. However, we don’t believe one size fits all. With so much risk of data corruption, human error or valuable time being wasted on repetitive tasks, there is undoubtedly scope to evolve an off-the-shelf program like Excel and make it work better for your data-centric organization, big or small. It’s all about working efficiently, and this is something we constantly hear from our colleagues and clients. 

So, we’ve devised a number of effective ways to automate all Excel processes and, if you need it, even offer a fully customized FileMaker app solution. 

Workplace Innovation Platforms, including FileMaker, can be useful on their own but when combined with experts with decades of shared experience the result is exponentially improved as a result- and that’s why we here at NeoCode Software have partnered with hundreds of companies for over two decades to meet a wide variety of demands and issues which have confronted companies in almost every sector. Neo Code is one of the few Platinum-certified FileMaker developers located in Canada and the only in all of Western Canada. We value communication above all else- and work to ensure that the issues our clients raise are heard and worked through with the utmost precision. Our clients represent the diversity of business sectors that can profit from our services- from the Royal Bank of Canada to the Provincial Health Services Authority, The Mortgage Group of Canada and Lafarge.

You can find out more about our FileMaker development or get in touch to learn how we can help you, with a free consultation and estimate taking into account your current system, team size and learning requirements. 

Are you considering evolving your current database system, or are you interested in a bespoke app solution? We would love to hear from you. Contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can help.

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