Trouble-free redundancy for Fidelity Investments’ server

Different technologies and outdated software can impair the smooth workflow of servers with consequences in increased time and labour costs. Fidelity Investments became aware they had a problem and decided to entrust the solution to the experts at Neo Code. Neo Code created another server, mirrored to the original, then programmed both to be continuously synchronized . According to the master/slave principle, the synchronized slave server would take over and replace the functions of the master server in case of failure. Another challenge remained. The system used outdated ftp-software apps and a floating IP-address. The creation of a special functionality between both servers robustly solved the problem. Using shell scripting with unique command line calls and the installation of a new operating system, the issues were all resolved. Today, the two servers are successfully integrated, using all the most up-to-date protocols.
“Even though we continue to fine-tune the integration, we can say that hiring Neo Code was the right decision. Looking back at the problems with our old server system compared with the current state, Neo Code has really succeeded to fulfill our requirements.” – Fidelity Investments

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