Neo Code Successfully Develops Complicated Custom FileMaker Solution for The Mortgage Group

TMG discovered that off-the-shelf solutions could not handle their large data sets, complex internal business logic and payment structures. Combining together large variegated data sets and out-dated software is just a bad idea, especially when it comes to the financial industry where current, robust and functional database systems are essential. TMG was well-aware of this and wanted to give their obsolete system a proper upgrade. However, after 20 successful years in business, the complexity of their business structure constituted a real genuine challenge, one that Neo Code was ready for. After a meticulous overvew of TMG’s needs and goals, Neo Code worked with them closely to gather and analyze information in order to develop a unique solution to suit their specifications for accounting automation, incorporation of real-time access to large data sets and realizing measurable time and labour costs savings. With orders to fast-track, and by stretching the capability boundaries of FileMaker, Neo Code launched The Mortgage Group’s customized FileMaker solution integrated with MySQL and PHP in under one year. Because of this, TMG realized considerable savings in time, plus labour and systems costs. Greatly satisfied with the results,  The Mortgage Group continues to be an active Neo Code client today.
“To work with Neo Code means to work with real specialists. They considered what was really important for our system and then came up with the solutions quickly. Based on our experience, we really recommend Neo Code as a customer-oriented and highly reliable software solution provider.” – The Mortgage Group

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