Providence Health Care Case Study

Collaborative Communication and Action Tool project

As one of the largest referral centres for rehabilitation in British Columbia, Providence Health Care’s Holy Family Hospital needs a system that lets its team members easily share information with one another and with patients. Such a system helps everyone to follow treatment plans, document and track patient status, and work together to support patient progress.

When the hospital updated its Microsoft Windows operating system, the old Access database no longer worked. Holy Family Hospital engaged Neo Code to implement a FileMaker solution, which, in addition to providing a robust database for patient information, allowed for:

  • Security – only authorized people could use the system
  • Audit – changes could be tracked by date, time, user, and location
  • Volume – hospital has up to 45 users; 15 concurrent users
  • Data recovery – including backups for business continuity planning
  • Reporting – custom print-outs for patients and team members

As well as addressing the backend requirements, Neo Code designed a user interface that made it easy for busy team members to enter data during and between rounds—and for them to see important new information, such as changes to patient condition.

This new solution is a reliable way for Providence Health Care to manage crucial information, and thus support the complex needs of its health care teams and patients.

“Working with Neo Code has been an excellent experience. They make helpful suggestions regarding usability, are very responsive, and make sure that they do everything they can to develop an excellent product for the end user.” – Providence Health Care

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