On-Premise Claris FileMaker Licenses


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Securely host custom apps in your on-premise environment. FileMaker Server is for teams and users that need to share data.

Minimum order quantity: 5

With FileMaker Server, you get:
On-premise server
Up to 3 servers to host your custom apps.

Access to all clients — FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect.

API usage
2 GB outbound data transfer of FileMaker Data API per user/per month.

On-Premise Claris FileMaker License Advantages:

Claris FileMaker offers on-premise site licenses for organizations that require multiple users to access and use FileMaker products within their network. Site licenses are a cost-effective option when you have a larger number of users who need access to FileMaker solutions. 

Here are some reasons to get a on-premise Claris FileMaker site license:

1)An on-premise site license allows an organization to install and use FileMaker products, such as FileMaker Pro Advanced or FileMaker Server, on multiple computers within a specific site or location. The license typically covers a specific number of concurrent users or installations.

2)With a site license, you can install FileMaker products on multiple computers within the licensed site without the need for individual licenses for each computer. This allows users within the site to access FileMaker solutions without the limitations of individual licenses.

3)Site licenses often have a specified number of concurrent users allowed. This means that you can have multiple users accessing and using FileMaker simultaneously, up to the maximum number specified in the license. It provides flexibility for organizations with fluctuating user counts.

4)On-premise site licenses are typically sold with a specific term, such as one year or multiple years. The license fee covers the usage rights for the specified term and may include support and maintenance services during that period.

5)The pricing of on-premise site licenses is based on the number of users or installations covered by the license. The cost per user or installation is generally lower than purchasing individual licenses for each user. Site licenses offer scalability, allowing organizations to add or remove users as needed within the licensed site.

6)With an on-premise site license, organizations are responsible for deploying and managing the FileMaker products within their own infrastructure. This includes installing and configuring the software, managing user access, and ensuring compliance with licensing terms.

7)When using an on-premise site license, it’s important to ensure compliance with the license terms and conditions. Organizations may be subject to license audits to verify proper usage and adherence to the license agreement.

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