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Accidentally deleted critical data from your system?

Single Record Restore is here for you.

Single Record Restore

“I’ve accidentally deleted/updated important and exact information in my FileMaker application. Is there anyway to get JUST what I deleted back?!”



Not to worry!

If you are a Neo Code Backup & Restore Service subscribed client, a copy of everything you host with us is backed up daily.

However, EVERYTHING might not be what you are looking for.

Consider this, it’s a Friday afternoon and you realize that a critical record was deleted.

Turns out this record was actually deleted on Tuesday morning, and no one on your team noticed until Friday afternoon. If you restore all records back to Tuesday morning you will lose 4 business days’ worth of work, which doesn’t seem like a practical option.

It would be reasonable to want to avoid rework on 4 business days’ worth of work- this is where restoring only the required records with a Single Record Restore can be a life saver.

Single Record Restore

Step 1.
Identify the tables you want the record(s) restored from, and the exact records within the table;

Step 2.
We will restore only these records, and present them to you to verify that is the missing information;

Step 3.
Once the exact missing information is identified, we will create a restore copy for just those files and reinsert them into your database.

Tables? I thought that was a piece of furniture?!

Tables in a database hold all of the information or data. Example, Contacts is a table that stores the names and information of your clients and/or suppliers- think, emails, telephone numbers.

Within a table, you have records and fields:

A record:
Contains specific data, like information about a particular client or a product;

A field:
Contains data about one aspect of the table subject, such as business name or e-mail address;

A field value:
Each record has a field value. For example, Neo Code Ltd. or [email protected].

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