Claris FileMaker Pro 19.5



Performance Focussed Release
It’s exciting when you can install software and gets big benefits just by upgrading.
Our recommendation is deploying to development and staging environments first for 30 days or wait till 19.5.2 is released before deploying to production.
Benefits you can take advantage right away are in italics. Potential for more performance is always welcome. FileMaker 19.5 features include:
  • Ubuntu 20.04: Get enterprise-grade Linux with support for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS in FileMaker Server. Includes support for the latest third-party libraries, security features, and performance enhancements. Runs on open-source NGINX for high-performance web serving.
  • Save a Copy as XML: Generate XML representations of your FileMaker files on FileMaker Server at lightning-fast speeds. Get better automation capabilities, granular audit control with version tracking, and easier integration with third-party developer tools.
  • Server-side summaries: Speed up data processing for groups of records with server-side summarization.
  • Parallel backups: Automatically group related backup files together and run them simultaneously for more efficient processing with parallel backups.
  • Cancel backups: Easily cancel backups if the process is interrupted or another operation needs to be performed for easier maintenance.
  • fmp URL protection: Protect hosts from connecting to malicious clients with proactive warning notifications.
  • Increased memory cache: Perform memory intensive tasks more effectively on the FileMaker Server scripting engine with 4x increased cache.
  • FileMaker WebDirect performance improvements: Experience improved FileMaker WebDirect performance with server-side CSS caching. 
  • Bug fixes: Nearly 400 bugs fixed across all platforms that address performance, scalability, and reliability issues. Areas of focus include security, installation, calculation functions, Script Workspace, FileMaker WebDirect, FileMaker Admin API, FileMaker Data API, and much more.

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