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We believe in the value of making business processes easy. So, companies can become more productive in less time – we do this by transforming business forms into comprehensive mobile apps.

paper forms to mobile app

Why Choose Neo Code to Help You Automate Your Business?

First, We are FileMaker Developer Experts for Mobile Custom Apps

Convert Paper Forms to Mobile App

We can transform important paper forms in your business into mobile apps so you can leverage such innovations to save your time, customize your processes, improve your organization, and conveniently share these forms to your team.

Customize Your Paper Form Using Loads of Templates

Create and edit your paper forms based on hundreds of templates available in the mobile app and customize your own. Have the freedom to connect your form template to different web pages or documents, and even to videos and images - do all this right in the mobile app.

Paper Forms to FileMaker Pro

The FileMaker Pro App allows you to easily create excel reports, find and sort your documents, import and export your business data.

Neo Code has been customizing businesses software for years - our experience in designing digital layouts, managing fields, and creating tables have made us the developer experts of FileMaker.

Make Reports Even More Convenient

Easily gather sales and data, then generate different reports for the business using the mobile app - this lets you cut off the time that usually spend when filing reports - then export them as Excel, CSV or PDF. You can even export reports in JSON format and create API access for integrations.

Easily Create Electronic Versions of Paper Forms

The mobile app can let you easily create paper forms in any kind of electronic version, and even replace forms depending on your business demand.

Feel free to display photos, videos, and audios to the form especially when creating portfolios and several reports.

Become a Game Changer with Neo Code

Even long-established businesses struggle with the demands of today’s digital world. Use our experience and expertise - customize your business processes, save more time, expand convenience within your team, and ultimately become more competent in your industry as you let Neo Code do the hard work for you.

paper forms to mobile app

Build Mobile Apps from Paper Forms

“As FileMaker Developer Experts, we take pleasure in helping businesses leverage mobile apps as they deal with hundreds of paper forms. So, we create the apps for them and customize these applications to their business, document, and data needs. Ultimately solving the problem of a problem solver.”
FileMaker developer expert
Bien Barraque
Business Analyst

“My experience from beginning to end exceeded my expectations. I am thrilled to have a simple to use custom made solution that does everything I had wanted and more. I am 110% satisfied and recommend Neo Code”

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