Claris FileMaker Cloud Standard Licenses


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Securely host custom apps in your cloud environment. FileMaker Server is for teams and users that need to share data.

Minimum order quantity: 5

With FileMaker Server, you get:
Cloud server
Up to 3 servers to host your custom apps.

Access to all clients — FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect.

API usage
2 GB outbound data transfer of FileMaker Data API per user/per month.

FileMaker Cloud is your total toolset to create custom apps and share them in the cloud with your teams.

Here are the advantages of using Claris FileMaker Cloud Standard license:

1)FileMaker Cloud Standard is a fully managed cloud hosting service provided by Claris. It offers a secure and scalable infrastructure to host your FileMaker databases, eliminating the need to maintain your own server hardware and infrastructure.

2)FileMaker Cloud Standard licenses are typically subscription-based. You pay a recurring fee based on the number of users or instances you require. The subscription includes hosting services, maintenance, security, and updates for the FileMaker Cloud platform.

3)FileMaker Cloud Standard licenses are based on the number of concurrent users accessing your FileMaker solutions. Concurrent user licensing means you only need licenses for the maximum number of users accessing the solution simultaneously, rather than needing individual licenses for every user. You can adjust the number of licenses as your user requirements change.

4)FileMaker Cloud Standard supports both FileMaker Pro Advanced clients and web browsers via FileMaker WebDirect. You can configure access privileges to allow users to access your FileMaker databases using either method, depending on their needs.

5)FileMaker Cloud Standard incorporates industry-standard encryption and security measures to protect your data and maintain confidentiality. It includes SSL/TLS encryption for data in transit and encryption at rest. Claris manages the security patches and updates for the underlying infrastructure.

6)FileMaker Cloud Standard includes automated backup services to protect your FileMaker databases. Regular backups are performed to ensure data integrity and provide a way to restore the databases if needed.

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