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Keep your FileMaker Server running the latest and greatest software.

Get the latest functionality, get the latest security updates, and maintain eligibility for Standard Claris Support and Priority Technical Claris Support.

Single FileMaker Server Installation
Install of License Key
Backup of Preferences
Install FileMaker Admin Tool
Install WAN Performance Monitor
Install FM-Punisher Performance Tester
1 year Thawte 123 SSL Certificate and Install
Port Scan and Report of Open Ports
FMPerception Report Card
WebDirect (Linux / Windows only)
Compact (up to 50) Files
1 year of FileMaker Server Monitoring
1 year of FileMaker Server E-mail Alerts
1 year of Offsite 100GB Backup Annual Test Restore

We will also help you install and upgrade the server by following these steps:

  1. Check system requirements and fix any missing requirements.
  2. We will prepare your server to ensure that your server has a supported operating system and necessary updates installed. 
  3. Obtain the installation files and install the newest version of FileMaker Server
  4. Run the installer and do troubleshooting for you.
  5. Choosing the correct installation options for your situation
  6. Configure settings based on your needs. We will Specify the necessary settings during the installation, such as the installation location, server name, and SSL certificate information. We will also need to configure network settings, ports, and authentication options.