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FileMaker Pro DW Page Case Study

The D.W. Page team needed consistent and standardized processes across their customer accounts, along with the automation of manual activities to improve customer satisfaction. This is why they chose FileMaker Pro and a partnership with Neo Code.

Industry: Financial Services

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Scale: 4-6 users

D.W. Page Success Story

 David W. Page offers in-depth expertise and financial guidance for individuals interested in building their wealth and managing it into the future. David has over 45 years of experience to help guide you, educate you, and help you make the right financial decisions. Get access to solutions to manage your wealth better and protect your financial future.

The NeoCode team, utilizing all the capabilities of FileMaker Pro, was able to build and maintain the database and accounts to equip the team with the tools they need to efficiently and effectively perform their daily tasks to focus on customer success and growth.

Faster Collaboration
& Decision Making

Faster Analysis
of Business Data

Reduced Number
of Manual Tasks

It takes time to implement a custom solution but it is well worth it; tremendously increasing your productivity. Look at the cost as really investing in your business and yourself. Extremely happy with the quick responses from Neo Code. They are very knowledgeable and have come up with solutions for everything I have wanted to do. - David Page
DW Page

Improve Account & Contact Management

Financial advisors and the management team can easily create new accounts within the database, relate them to critical information, and ensure they are up to date. Interactions between the advisors and customers can also be logged to the related account or contact, providing visibility into customer communications.

Grow Visibility with Reports & Dashboards

Thanks to FileMaker Pro, management now has visibility into the reports related to customer financial accounts. The whole team can dig into specific accounts and financial metrics to see trends across the company database. With FileMaker Pro, your whole team can be on the same page and have complete visibility to work as an efficient unit.

Ensure Team Success

D.W. Page achieved their goal of reducing the hours spent performing low-value tasks thanks to Neo Code building and maintaining their database with FileMaker Pro. Value was quickly delivered to internal users and customers thanks to the custom robust database scripts.

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