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Meducation Services has been representing injured workers in matters relating to Workplace Safety & Insurance Board Claims and Appeals (WSIB and WSIAT) cases since 1994. Working on behalf of the injured worker to ensure that all matters pertaining to their claim(s) are pursued on the client’s behalf. At Meducation Services they take all steps to ensure that workers are not unjustly denied benefits and strive to ensure a maximum outcome for their claims.


Scarborough, ON, Canada

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Meducation Services Success Story

Meducation Services required a stable and robust database system, as well as hosting all the data on a server so that it can be securely accessed remotely. Their current setup did not allow the data to be shared between the team and quickly update the case information to serve clients better.  With FileMaker Pro, Meducation Services can now easily review all their cases quickly and easily to provide accurate information to customers and make better case management decisions.

100% Quick & Secure Access to Data
Improved Collaboration & Decision-Making
100% Reduced Number of Duplicate Cases
Contact Joshua at NeoCode as he is knowledgeable and accommodating in determining what is best for your custom system needs. Everyone on the team was also very professional.
- Paul Sacco, Paralegal

Streamline Case Management

Meducation Services found the right solution for the changes they envisioned with FileMaker Pro. Their case database display has been transformed into a user-friendly layout, easy to upload data all in one central place. This new system also eliminated the creation of duplicates with specific system warnings in place.

Grow Visibility & Ensure Team Success

Meducation Services started implementing the FileMaker Pro custom database platform to better manage their customer case data and share up-to-date information with the whole team which also helped manage their time better and improve company efficiency. This new approach has given their entire team complete control over their communication, never missing meetings and accurate sharing of information.

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