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Jazz Festival

Coastal Jazz is a non-profit organization that promotes live music and education in Vancouver. Since 1986 the Society has contributed vigorously to the local, national, and international jazz scene. The primary activity focuses on producing the annual Vancouver International Jazz Festival, which aims to nurture artists and audiences through the joy, passion, and power of jazz.

Industry: Non-Profit

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

5 users + 150 contractors

Coastal Jazz Success Story

Coastal Jazz needed consistent and standardized processes across their digital database platform, FileMaker Pro, which is why they chose Neo Code to manage and handle their remote server systems. Neo Code is continuing to maintain the database server to equip the team with the tools they need to efficiently and effectively perform their daily tasks to focus on band satisfaction, improve customer service, and support team excellence.


Improved Collaboration
with Contractors

Increased Data


Reduced Number
of Manual Tasks

Our custom Filemaker server has been the backbone of our operations since the early 2000s - we use it as an ERP for booking & scheduling artists, venues, technicians, and equipment, as well as a database for contracts & payments.- Zac Baccardax

Improve Contractor Management

With FileMaker Pro as their main contact management software, Coastal Jazz has fully digitized their contracts and paperwork. The system also allows for details to be stored for subcontractors, as well as suppliers. They can easily update records and change requests, while also confirming details easily via email. For security, contractors and suppliers are only granted access to their own records.

Grow Visibility & Maintain Team Excellence

With custom contract dashboards Coastal Jazz is able to ease the communication between their team and make sure the data is always up to date to provide excellent service. Detailed real-time visibility of due dates and deadlines enables the Coastal Jazz team to also take timely action without missing a beat. They can quickly assign tasks regarding lighting, chairs and table settings, snacks and drinks, plus add notes from the current year for next year.

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