Develop Offline Mobile Apps for Your Business Convenience

Neo Code believes in the necessity of letting companies access & manage their business data in a more convenient way.

How convenient can it ever get? – through offline mobile apps.

offline mobile apps

Why Build Offline Mobile Applications with Neo Code?

We are FileMaker Developer Experts

We are basically the makers of the “problem solvers” of problem solvers – FileMaker Pro helps companies manage and access their business data on their tablets and mobile phones.

What’s best is that we can customize these offline mobile apps according to the needs of your company or team users – whether it is creating excel reports on mobile, or finding, sorting, importing, and exporting paper forms using a mobile app, or simply managing all of your data using a Microsoft Access on mobile app.

As FileMaker Developer Experts, our expertise in customizing company software, for years, has led us to master the creation of tables, managing fields, digital layouts, and of course, building offline mobile applications.

We Understand the Business Importance of Offline Mobile Apps

There are plenty of long-established businesses that are struggling with the digital demands of their clients or customers.

A lot of team players in a company prefer to work remotely and this means that 90% of the time, they will have to access and manage business data from their desktops, laptops, tablets, and most importantly – mobile phones.

This is why Neo Code exists – we offer our experience and expertise to achieve our mission of enabling companies from all over the globe to be able to access their data conveniently – even without internet or online connection.

Benefits of Offline Mobile Apps for Users

Whether it’s you, your team players, your clients or customers using the customized offline mobile apps built for your company… our aim as mobile app developers is a convenience for all users.

To mention a few: the possibility to use the mobile apps in a no-network zone, increased data security, no roaming costs especially if you’re travelling, offline mobile apps running smoothly while saving your phone’s battery life.

Benefits of Building Offline Mobile Applications

Neo Code will customize your offline mobile apps to become more stable and reliable which will result in the best possible user experience.

Building offline mobile applications for your business will allow you to access and manage your data in areas with bad internet connection and even without an online connection.

Plus, you get a large directory of content along with a search option.

Also, your offline mobile apps experience will most likely become flexible than online apps – such as fast loading time, and team members, customers or clients loving your mobile apps. Thus, your company winning over your competition.

Neo Code Offline Mobile App Developers are Committed to Excellence

We commit to making your mobile apps work instantly without user difficulties – it’s our aim to make users enjoy the app even when they have poor internet connection or no connection at all.

Also, with offline mobile apps that Neo Code develop, updates and syncs are done automatically in the background. So, people from rural areas with a bad or no internet connection will be able to use your app or service.

Plus, users will most likely recommend your mobile app to their friends and family because the loading time for offline apps is generally pretty short and users will be able to make changes in their data at each moment without losing any information.

Neo Code Offline Mobile App Developers are Committed to Excellence

“If you want your business to keep growing in a fast, digital world, you should let our team provide you with unmatched service for your valuable work. Part art, part science - our mobile app developers will translate your business goals and business analysis into an application that meet users expectations. With Neo Code, your offline mobile apps will be user-friendly - built with a modern design and high-performances.”
Neo Code - Joshua Paul
Solution Specialist

“The system was designed perfectly for our needs.
Their professionalism and customer service showed us they are the best developer we could work with.
We will certainly be continuing our relationship with  Neo Code.“