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Released in April 1985, FileMaker Pro – a subsidiary of Apple – in its simplest form, turns Excel data into an app. It allows users to modify their database in the form of screens, forms, or layouts by dragging new elements in the system. 

Originally, it was only compatible with Mac iOS, but recently, it has been made available for Windows computers. 

FileMaker has been providing solutions to the industry’s problems for around 30 years now, which is an amazing feat for any software in a fast-paced world. One compelling aspect as to why FileMaker Pro is so popular among businesses is because users need no prior knowledge of programming to create a database and export it into a graphical user interface (GUI). 

Here are some other advantages of FileMaker Pro:

Easy to Use

FileMaker renders built-in templates to produce apps for contacts, inventory, content and task management. The solution can be accessed through the main component or in the server it gives users the freedom to customize their applications with elements such as logos, colors, brands, etc. Aside from that, there are charting tools to export summary reports into dashboards and graphs in PDF or Excel format. 

Different Components to Help You Out 

There are five components that serve on various platforms:

FileMaker Pro Advanced

FileMaker Pro Advanced has a feature that remains unchanged from its previous version that their users genuinely appreciate. Despite the system upgrades, the platform’s file format (.fmp12) has not changed. Users can quickly open version 12 to 16 on the newest edition. However, it doesn’t mean users can modify the solutions of older versions; you can only view and run them.

FileMaker Go

FileMaker Go is a version available for smartphones and tablets, and is free in the Apple Store for iPhone and iPad users. Users can connect via WiFi or cellular data, and any changes to solutions will be stored on the phone and synchronized to the cloud. This is an ideal solution for businesses whose team members require them to be constantly on-the-go. For example, hotel concierges can respond to their guests from wherever they are with FileMaker Go.

FileMaker Server

This component hosts solutions, and can back up automatically and log statistics on usage and performance. If five or more people are working on a database on FileMaker Pro, the user will need the FileMaker server to house the collaborative effort of the team.

FileMaker WebDirect

There is no way to access FileMaker through an android phone (at least right now), but what you can do is course it through WebDirect to host it on your android phone without having to download it as an app. Through FileMaker WebDirect, users can access FileMaker solutions in web browsers such as Google Chrome.

FileMaker Cloud

Small offices working on databases and solutions will greatly benefit from FileMaker Cloud. It is a specialized version of FileMaker Server that operates on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It provides secure, reliable access to your custom apps in the cloud without the administrative hassle.  People in small offices claim that it has minimal administrative overhead, low up-front costs, speedy deployment, and instant scalability.

Support Multiple People on the Platform

With the help of its component FileMaker Server, the platform can support up to 250 people users at once. And because of its cloud hosting services, all data – from your company’s to your customer’s—are available to users on the platform, and can be accessed through FileMaker Go.

For example, multiple teachers can manage their students’ exam scores and information at the same time on the platform.

Robust Capacities

FileMaker Pro has various objects such as plug-ins to databases, scripts, and layouts with summaries, as well as 30 starter databases for people who aren’t looking to create a FileMaker database from scratch, (which is also an option—they can begin with an Excel Sheet!). You can customize it for each member on the team, and track recent searches so you don’t have to keep inputting data over and over again. 

FileMaker is one of the most trusted database management software out there, and has been continually supported for over 30 years. Its complexities are part of what makes it ideal for organizing information, creating databases, and managing data.

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